INUJIRUSHI Seamless Flat Belly Pants Mocha

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INUJIRUSHI Seamless Flat Belly Pants Mocha 

High waist and wide plate pressurized design, pants anti-slip design, not easy to curl 

Postpartum sculpture, flat waist shrink abdomen, strengthen both sides of the pelvis, abdominal and hip pressurization

Knee-length short without scratch cut, modify the inner and outer sides of the thigh, the bottom of the trousers is antibacterial deodorant material





  1. High waist width pressurization design, anti-slip design and no curling
  2. Postpartum sculpture, flat waist and abdomen, strengthen the sides of pelvic, pressurize the abdomen and hip
  3. The knee-length pants are seamlessly cut, trimming the inner and outer sides of the thigh, and the inner of the pants is made of antibacterial deodorant material.


  1. Please roll up the upper part of the pants and pull up 
  2. Adjust the position of front and back.
  3. Last, organize and flatten with your hands.


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