Inujirushi Adjusting Full Abdominal Abdomen Pregnancy Belt

  • Brand: Inujirushi
  • Product Code: HB8158R
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Black cross design is fast and convenient cross adjustment

Devil’s felt adjustable elasticity supports abdomen

Soft and comfortable material makes the pregnancy process easier

Relieve prenatal burden

Simply adjust the abdominal circumference 

Soothe the waist

Microsweating season is also recommended 

soft and breathable, not sultry, protects sensitive skin

Hold up the whole stomach from bottom to top, and make sure that the abdomen is taken, and then cross and fix the two sides of the retractive belt from the back


  1. Back cross design is fast and convenient


  1. Adjustable moderately support the abdomen
  2. Soft and comfortable material makes the pregnancy journey easier
  3. Relieve burden of prenatal
  4. Easy to adjust the abdominal circumference
  5. Release stress of waist
  6. Breathable material suitable for sensitive skin
  7. Support the entire stomach from the bottom, and confirm whether the abdomen is comfortable, and then fix the two sides of the support belt from behind.


  1. Put support belt on the abdomen as shown in diagram
  2. Cross the support belt and pull it outward
  3. Tighten the support bet 


  1. When cleaning, please fold the self-adhesive part inward to avoid hooking other clothes.

Washing instructions

(subsidy belt), please put it into the machine bag machine wash, weak speed)

Please hang the shade to avoid direct sunlight. Do not bleach Not ironing Do not dry clean

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