Nipple Formers

  • RM49.00

Soft, with flexible silicone membrane. Comfortable and naturally suppresses the nipple. Cover with ventilation holes. Air circulation prevents moisture around the nipple. Not too convex to keep the display looking natural. If used long enough, the skin tissue will stretch and the baby can suckle more easily. 

Setting up a flat nipple / go inside for breastfeeding. 

Usage can be started when: 
• Before delivery (about 5-6 months of pregnancy) 
• Or between breastfeeding (about 1 - 2 hours before breastfeeding ) How to work:
Using inside the Bra --- the Nipple Former circle will gently press the area around the areola --- so that slowly the nipples will form. 

When to use:
• Flat nipple (½ - 1 hour before breastfeeding) 
• Putting in (use before or after birth so that it can breastfeed more easily)  
• To help the milk drip immediately (Pressure on the areola makes milk flow easier. see this so as to be more relaxed in breastfeeding) 
• To help with the difficulty of breastfeeding usually experienced by babies who are "confused nipples", weak, easily drowsy. Nipple Former makes the nipple softer and longer, so the nipple can go deeper into the mouth.

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