2 Strap Wonderbelt

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Recommended for Mothers who went through natural birth & Cesarean

 Provides a firm yet comfortable compression of the Uterus 

 Lifts & tightens internal organs, uterus & waistline effortlessly 

  Encourages smoother lochia flow 

  Prevents the storage of localized fats on the waist & belly

100% Cotton for Comfortable Wearing: Breathable and comfortable enough to wear while nursing and sleeping. Lightweight enough and lay smooth under                  clothing. Fastens with two closures for wide range of size adjustability.

Speed up Recovery from C-section or Vaginal Delivery: The medical grade of cotton postnatal belly band accelerates healing, helps minimize stretch marks                and reduce swelling. It provides great compression support but not irritate your tender csection incision.

Helps to Shrink down Postpartum Belly: This post delivery belly wrap helps with the waistline shrinking and return uterus to its original size. It works great to                help flatten your stomach, get your tummy and waist back in shape after baby.

Back Support and Improve Posture: Our post partum tummy wrap has NO built in boning, but it can be wrapped tightly for providing core muscles and lower              back support, improving posture during breastfeeding.

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