INUJIRUSHI Pregnancy Support Belt

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Out of inujirushi bestseller Pregnancy Belt, this pregnancy belt is designed for use throughout your pregnancy

For mothers who have been second or trimester pregnant can start using thing pregnancy belt


Adjustable by 12” to grow with your belly

Help support back and abdomen

Eases sciatica, back pain & leg

Making it easier to increase your range of motion and daily activity throughout your pregnancy

Strong support and stable fit

Three dimension design firmly support your stomach from bottom

  The belt part is a mesh material with good ventilation.

POINT 1: Comfortable functionality 
* The abdomen protects the important stomach with cushioning soft material. Attention to design, with a refreshing lace on the front.

POINT 2: The belt part is a breathable no-mesh material.
*The belt around the waist uses a mesh material for breathability, outstanding.
With one-touch tape cover function.
*When attaching/detaching or washing, folding the edge of the one-touch tapo to cover it will not stick it on the clothes. 

POINT 3: Three-dimensional design that fits the roundness of the stomach.
*Discerning three-dimensional design structure that pursues comfort and fit.

POINT 4: Patented back cross structure.
*Wrap the botton of the butt completely, without getting stuck in the base of the legs. The back style is clean and it is hard to crack the outer. 

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