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Baby Care Finger Toothbrush

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Baby Toothbrush
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  • Suitable for 0-3years baby
  • Soothes Teething Pain
  • Promotes Early Dental Hygiene
  • Soft Bristles are Gentle on Baby's Gums
  • BPA Free
  • Make Brushing Fun!
  • Brushing was Never this Much Fun For Your Baby
  • Finger Toothbrush was developed with your baby in mind.
  • Extra soft bristles gently massage babies' sensitive teeth and gums while offering their first dentist-approved sonic cleaning experience.

Suggested Use

  1. Place brush snugly on the finger. Don't leave the baby alone with the brush!
  2. Use a small circular motion to massage the baby's teeth and gums.

Don't Forget:

  • Take your child to the dentist by their first birthday
  • Avoid drinking juice or milk at night, it's bad for kids' teeth.

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