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Beauty Shine Rose Tea Series 养颜美白玫瑰茶系列

Beauty Shine Rose Tea Series 养颜美白玫瑰茶系列

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Rose tea
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Package Including:
1. Double-petal Pink Red Rose Tea x 7pcs
2. Rose Brown Sugar Cube x 7pcs
3. Glass Bottle with Filter Infuser x 1bottle

Ingredient: Purple Rose, Apple Blossom, Red Dates, Stevia Leaves

Benefit: Nourish Skin / Regulate Menstrual Pain / Whitening Skin / Relieve Acne Growth / Suppress Pigment / Strengthen The Liver And Promote Blood Circulation / Anti-Oxidant / Regulate Endocrine / Relieve Neuralgia

Tips: Because The Rose Has A Strong Effect Of Promoting Blood Circulation And Dispersing Blood Stasis, People With Heavy Menstrual Flow Should Stop Drinking During Menstruation.


成份:紫玫瑰,苹果花,红枣,甜菊叶 功效:滋阴养颜 l 调经止痛!补血清目 l 美白祛痘抑止色素 l 强肝活血 l 抗氧化延缓衰老调理内分泌 l 缓解神经痛


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