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Caring Fresh Series 产后排毒护宫系列

Caring Fresh Series 产后排毒护宫系列

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Package Including:

  1. Cranberry Mint Fruit Tea x 7packets
  2. Glass Bottle with Filter Infuser x 1btl

Ingredient: Cranberry, Dried Mint Leaves, Tangerine peel, Kumquat, Sugar candy

Benefit: Diuretic and detoxification, Antioxidant, Refreshing and relaxing, Ease the tension, To reduce phlegm and cough, Boost the immune system

3 Tips:

  1. Add honey in a moderate amount - a refreshing tea flavor
  2. Sugar candy - Sweet and light
  3. Yunnan Ancient 8 Flavors Brown Sugar - Nourishing the blood and moisturizing the skin


功效:利尿解毒 | 抗氧化 | 提神解郁 | 缓和紧张 | 化痰止咳 | 增强抵抗力


  1. 适度添加蜂蜜 - 清润茶香
  2. 冰糖 - 甜淡适宜
  3. 8味黑糖 - 养血润肤

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