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Cooling Series 清凉护眼系列

Cooling Series 清凉护眼系列

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Package Including:

  1. Golden Chrysanthemum Tea x 7pcs
  2. White Chrysanthemum Goji Cube Honey Cube x 7pcs
  3. Glass Bottle with Filter Infuser x 1btl

Ingredient: Chrysanthemum, Goji Berry, Dried Pear, Dried Kumquat, Honey Rock Sugar

Benefit: Nourish liver and eyesight / Nourish lung and yin/ Nourish kidney and essence / Invigorate spleen and stomach / Clearing Heat / Detoxification and beauty

Tips: The nutritional value of honey is higher than that of sugar. Its main ingredients are glucose and fructose, which are very good for digestion and absorption by the human body. Unlike white sugar, it does not increase the burden on the stomach and intestines and does not turn excess sugar into fat and accumulate in the body.


功效:养肝明目 | 润肺滋阴 | 补肾益精 | 健脾益胃 | 热去火 | 排毒养颜的功效



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