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Warming Series (Basic Care) 姜茶补血暖宫系列

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Package Including:

  1. Double Ginger Brown Sugar Cube x 7pcs
  2. Lemond Honey Cube x 7pcs
  3. Handmade Ginger Fudge 100gm x 1pck
  4. Glass Bottle with Filter Infuser x 1btl

Ingredient: Ginger, Goji Berry, Black Sugar

Benefit: smooth menstruation, Regulate Menstrual Pain, Warms the stomach and expels wind, Nourishes Energy, Therefore, it is especially suitable for postpartum women and women in the menstrual period.

Tips: You can usually drink it for conditioning, or only drink it when it is painful. It may only slightly relieve some serious physique.


功效:具有通畅月经 | 暖胃祛风 | 缓急止痛 | 补中益气的作用 | 因此对于产后妇女以及生理期女性特别适宜食用。

温馨提示:平常就可以喝喝调理,痛的时候才喝 可能对某些情况比较严重的体质仅起到轻微缓解的作用。

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