Inujirushi Warming Postpartum Girdle Skirt

  • Product Code: HB8034R
  • RM284.00

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With pressure support care design can ease the burden on the waist. Thin section breathable suitable for sensitive skin.

Suitable for mid-to-late pregnancy, it does support the growing abdomen.

The cross-belt pressure belt is designed to relieve the burden on the waist and make the pregnancy process easier.

The U line from the lower abdomen to the lower back supports the tummy and reduces the burden on the lower back. 

 It can be used as a light sensation and is recommended for those who sweat or when going to bed.

SIZE: M- Abdominal circumference 78-100cm / Hip 85-98cm
          L- Abdominal circumference 88-110cm / Hip 90-103cm

          LL- Abdominal circumference 98-120cm / Hip 95-108cm


MATERIAL: Cotton: 95%, Other (nylon, elastic fiber): 5% 







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