Inujirushi Pregnancy Support Belt

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Inujirushi Pregnancy Support Belt 

Table cloth: 100% polyester 
Fibre Lining: 26% cotton, 74% polyester 
Fibre Mesh: 86% nylon, 14% elastic fibre
Cross-surround design for more effective sharing of abdominal pressure
3D stereo stomach, wrapped in the raised belly
Widening the adhesive area to adapt to the daily belly
Comfortable and soft material, skin-friendly to protect your mother's delicate skin, suitable for all seasons
The belt part is a mesh material with good ventilation.
Back cross design, increased support
 soft, comfortable and breathable 
 Adjustable tightness

Size M L
Abdominal 78~100 88~110
Hip 85~98 90~103


  1.  suitable for wearing on mid and last stage of pregnancy 


  1. gently cover large area stomach and give support 
  2. comfortable and breathable material
  3. adjustable tightness
  4. prevent hunchback 


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