INUJIRUSHI Maternity Belt (Pelvic Care)

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Prenatal & Postpartum Support Belt

This maternity belt was made to stabilize the pelvic during pregnancy

The bow in the front is cute accent it let you know distinguish instantly between top or bottom

The patented cross structure in the back prevent thick layers & bumps & slim down your silhouette

The belt is easy to put on and can be adjusted easily to your changing body and size thanks to velcro fastening

The curve design keeps the belt from cutting your groin when you sit

Before birth, the belt firmly support your large belly & after birth, you can use it to care your pelvis or to relieve hips pain

80% nylon, 10% elastic fibre, 5% polyester fibre, 5% cotton
Size L LL
Belly 81~102 89~110
Hips 87~101 92~106
Length 95.5 97.5


HOW TO WEAR : (From 4 months of pregnancy to 6 months after delivery, it is a golden sculpture period to wear the pelvic belt.)

  1. Put on the pelvic belt on your hip as shown in diagram
  2. After crossing over, firmly fastened the pelvic belt
  3. Lastly, tighten both sides of pelvic belt 


  1. When cleaning, please fold the self-adhesive part inward to avoid hooking other clothes.


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