Baby Hat and Mittens Set

Keep your little one's head and hands warm

Introducing the Bmama Hat and Mittens Set are the perfect accessory to keep your baby cosy and comfortable. Crafted with premium soft materials, this collection is an ideal choice for infants aged 6 months or younger. The set comes in a beautiful, gender-neutral design that will suit any baby's style.

This cap has been intricately crafted to envelop the cranium and auricles of your infant, granting the utmost comfort and safeguarding from inclement temperatures. The accompanying mittens are a perfect addition to keep your little one's hands snug while also preventing accidental scratching. This set is crafted for busy parents, with its easy-to-wear design that allows for effortless dressing and undressing.

The Bmama Hat and Mittens Set are also easy to care for. Simply wash in water and tumble dry on low heat. The set will retain its softness and shape even after multiple washes. The Bmama Hat and Mittens Set is a must-have for any new parent looking to keep their baby comfortable and warm. It is available in various colors.