About Us

Welcome to Bmama Maternity!

Bmama Maternity was founded in 2016, we provide solutions for mothers of all stages. We emphasises on providing the finest maternity essentials and providing mothers with the best care they deserve to sail through this journey of motherhood with breeze. Bmama is also the Sole distributor of award winning Japanese maternity brand “INUJIRUSHI” which has been on the market for more than a century.


Why Choose Us:

  •  Award-winning of Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2018 and Readers' Choice Award 2016 & 2020
  • Bmama has a full range of functional, high-quality maternity products which included nursing bras, support belts, postpartum belly binder, maternity wear, and also maternity essential. - Besides high quality with Japanese international brands, Bmama also carries its own brand of products
  • Bmama supplies to the top confinement homes/centers and maternity shops in Malaysia, so mothers can try the products and recover better and faster after giving birth.
  • To provide support and care for all expecting and new mothers at the most important stage of their lives. To also make Bmama Maternity the first choice one-stop pregnancy products and services provider for mothers.