Abdominal Girdle Pelvic Set

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This combination is recommended to be used after the natural delivery of the lochia and the recovery of the cesarean section wound.
◆ The reinforced waistband with supporting soft steel strip design is suitable for daily wear during the day.
◆ The cross-shaped pelvic girdle is used before and after childbirth, suitable for daily wear during the day.

The first stage can be used immediately after delivery
the second stage (golden sculpture period) can be used immediately after delivery. The postpartum exhaustion of lochia or the use of

abdominal fat from 1 to 6 months after delivery can be used after six weeks. Sculpture, combined with diet and exercise.

Regardless of natural birth or cesarean section, it is not recommended to use a strong corset immediately after giving birth. The uterus and internal organs should be rested and returned in place, and the "corset" should be started in about 6 weeks.
Cesarean section has wounds, it is recommended to use a dedicated Caesarean section. Wait for the wound to recover before using the second stage product.

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