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How To Choose The Right Nursing Bra: 5 Tips for New Mom

It is important for expected mom or new mom to know how tho choose the right nursing bra because it will affect the comfort of mothers when breastfeeding their babies. A nursing bra is design differently from a regular bra. It’s design specifically for the breast either use for breastfeeding or during pregnancy.

Compare to regular bra, a nursing bra are designed to has latch to easily and quickly expose the mom nipple to breastfeed their baby. Besides that, nursing bra also give extra support to engorged breast that may change their size and weight than usual.

There are many factors for expected mom or new mom to consider when choosing a nursing bra. For instance, when to buy, how to fit and which ones you will need. With over more than 10 years experience in maternity industries and also as a mom, we have breaking down 5 tips for new mom on how to choose the right nursing bra:

Start Early

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Begin your search for nursing bra during the second trimester. This because your breast may change their size and weight than usual. Basically, your cup size will grow over the first 20 weeks or more than that and your rib cage will start to expand after that from 20 weeks onwards.

We suggested you to buy your first nursing bra at some point in your second trimester, once your cup size is more or less stable. This allows time for your breasts to settle into their breastfeeding size, ensuring a better fit.

Measure Regularly

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Your bra size may change due to effect of your body when you are in pregnancy and postpartum. It is recommend to add one cup size and one back size onto your usual bra size. For instance, if you usually wear a 32C, start by trying a 34D.

The best way to find a nursing bra that fits you right is to get measured by a professional. You can visit a specifically maternity store and ask the salesperson to measure your bust line and under-bust to find the perfect size for you. Besides that, you can visit online maternity store such as Bmama Maternity to get the size guide so you can measure yourself and find your size that way.

You are suggested to buying one or two nursing bra while you are pregnant. It is because your breasts may change their size and weight after you give birth. So, you will need to prepare at least two nursing bra for the first few weeks after giving birth. After that, you may want to buy more in a different size accordingly.

Comfort is Key

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Expected mom or new mom are recommended to look for nursing bra made from soft and breathable fabrics like cotton or silk. And ensure that the nursing bra provides proper support without digging into your skin.

Try to avoid buying underwire bra for nursing. Pressure from the underwire is feared to cause your breast feel discomfort or worst, channel blockage. At Bmama Maternity, we have varieties of nursing bra you can choose.

Our nursing bra offer comfort, style, and practicality for new moms. You can choose for minimalist design, stylish design, sexy design or if you are active person, you can get our nursing sport bra. In fact, plus size nursing bra is also available. With easy-to-use nursing clips and adjustable straps, breastfeeding has never been easier.

Adjustable Straps

Women wearing nursing bra that have adjustable straps

If you want to continues wear nursing bra after giving birth, adjustable straps are essential for creating a customized fit. This feature allows you to adapt the bra to your changing body, providing optimal support and comfort.

The flexibility offered by adjustable straps in a nursing bra is fundamental for adapting to the dynamic changes a woman's body undergoes during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding. The ability to customize the fit, accommodate fluctuations in breast size, and make one-handed adjustments enhances the overall comfort and functionality of the nursing bra, ensuring that it remains a supportive and reliable garment throughout the breastfeeding journey.

Easy Access for Nursing

Easy access nursing bra with clips

The design and functionality of nursing bra are paramount for the ease and comfort of breastfeeding mothers, and the feature of easy-to-open nursing clips stands out as a key element in ensuring a seamless and stress-free breastfeeding experience. That the key difference of nursing bra from regular bra.

The primary purpose of nursing bra is to facilitate easy access to the breasts during feeding sessions. Easy to open nursing clips provide a quick and effortless way for mothers to expose the breast for their baby to latch on. This is particularly important during those urgent moments when a hungry baby needs immediate access to the breast.

In modern days, new mom often find themselves multitasking. With the ability to operate nursing clips with one hand is a game-changer. Whether holding the baby in one arm or supporting them in a nursing pillow, the convenience of one-handed operation ensures that the breastfeeding process remains efficient and stress-free. In Bmama Maternity, we also have varieties of nursing clips. But the purpose is clear, for easy access mom to breastfeeding with comfortable






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