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Bmama Premium Maternity Support Belt Black

Bmama Premium Maternity Support Belt Black

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The Bmama Maternity Support Belt is easy to wear and adjust, with a simple hook-and-loop closure that can be secured in seconds. Relieve back pain and support your growing belly with Bmama Maternity Support Belt. Adjustable, breathable, and easy to wear, our pregnancy belly band provides maximum comfort and flexibility for all-day wear.

  • Award-winning of Readers’ Choice 2020 PapaMama Talk Award & Mummys Market Best Brand Award 2023
  • Featuring strong support that covers the bottom of your bump perfectly, the stretchable pregnancy band gently lifts and supports your bump from below, taking some of the weight of your growing belly and reducing stress on your lower back, easing pregnancy pains
  • Ergonomic design, suitable for pregnancy & postpartum wear
  • Prevents Provide relief for the symptoms of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) or Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)
  • Relieve lower back, joints, & muscular pains by supporting the extra weight
  • Encourages proper posture during & after pregnancy
  • Sewn-in steel boning on the back for sturdier support

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